Monday, October 25, 2021

Star Wars Legion Massive Imperial Update (including AT-ST!)

Hey all, just popping in with a pretty big update for my Star Wars Legion "Hoth" project. Basically I've finished all of the Imperial models I have on hand so just wanted to post on that. My little component of "Blizzard Force" is pictured above.

Part of the update is just Snowtroopers - two more sections are complete, making three sections for the Snowtrooper platoon! (I have another seven-trooper section on the way - those are custom 3D prints that I'm really looking forward to painting). These ones are done in the standard style - cloth bits Rakarth Flesh washed with Agrax Earthshade, then re-highlighted with Rakarth Flesh, and white bits Corax White highlighted with White Scar. So easy and simple. 

And while I'd posted the Imperial officer and comms trooper before, I finished the medical droid and astromech to complete the support section. 

Here's the medical droid and astromech.

Another addition to the support section comes from the "Cassian Andor and K-2SO" box, in the form of this KX-series security droid.

Rather than fit the arms from the rogue droid K-2SO's appearance in Rogue One, I set the droid up "unarmed" as I assume that's how it would normally appear.

Lastly, I finished the Legion AT-ST. What a superb model this is. So easy to assemble (it comes already partially assembled from the "factory") and super-detailed - it's just awesome.

I equipped the model with the optional light blasters on the LH side of the crew capsule and the concussion grenade launcher on the RH side. 

Painting was pretty straightforward - basecoat of Mechanicus Standard Grey, highlighted with Administratum Grey and Dawnstone. I did some streaking with Nuln Oil in a different sort of technique - I loaded a large brush with Nuln Oil and dried most of it off, then brushed it downwards to simulate some kind of water streaking. I also applied Nuln Oil to joints and on the legs before lightening it all up a bit with some drybrushing.

Then I went over with the sponge chipping to create some wear and a bit of blaster damage. 

So that's Blizzard Force nearly done, except for some custom 3D-printed goodies that are on the way. I think I have enough models painted now to have a game, so I'll try to put something together on that front in the next couple weeks!


Codsticker said...

Some excellent painting. I think the security droid is my favourite- I really like the pose- and the weathering on the AT-ST looks great.

Greg B said...

Brilliant work Dallas - looks awesome, and that AT-ST - so cool!!

Neil Scott said...

Great looking force

DaveV said...

Great looking Imperials! What rules are you considering using?

Dallas said...

Thanks Dave. Probably LotR as we've used it for everything else - plus the M, W and F system seems like it would suit SW.

Greg B said...

Hey Dallas, maybe we could come up with a Chain of Command variant? Just imagine how much more pointlessly complicated we could make the "patrol phase" if we factored in Force Powers? :-)

Dallas said...


Kevin Holland said...

Looks awesome Dallas! Are you planning to do any “snowy” Rebels?

Dallas said...

Yep - I've posted lots on the blog already Kev! I've done two sections of Rebel Veterans, Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie, the droids, Radar Laser Cannon, gun turrets... should be good to go for a game!