Friday, October 29, 2021

Star Wars Legion: Imperial Specialists

Imperial Specialists for Fantasy Flight Games' "Star Wars Legion".

The "Star Wars Legion" buildup continues! This update isn't as cool as Dallas' most recent posting, but progress is still we have some Imperial Specialists - the counterpoint to the Rebel Specialists I finished a couple of weeks ago. These are 28mm plastic figures from Fantasy Flight Games/Atomic Mass Games/Insert name of whatever a**hole PE fund controls the license.

The contents of the "Specialists" boxes are consistent - up first we have an officer from the Galactic Empire. That pistol she is carrying might have been used to guard a prisoner, fire on a Rebel terrorist, or perhaps to help focus the thinking of an Imperial trooper. She is also reporting something into the ubiquitous "communicators" we see throughout "Star Wars".

Imperial officer, ready to report into her communicator.

She has either just shot, or is just about to shoot, some unfortunate person or thing...

This is a very nice figure - a no-nonsense Imperial Officer, an excellent sculpt in my opinion.

Then we have the communications specialist. Looks like a bit of a hapless job...but then, so many jobs in the armed forces of the Galactic Empire would appear to come with a lot of downsides...again, a nice sculpt. I put some varnish on his helmet...wanted to give this guy the appearance of a rear-area support figure, which would call for more polish in terms of the uniform.

Imperial Communications Specialist.

View of the comms gear on his back.

Then we come to the droids. There is the "medical" droid which...looks like it is not coming to heal you, so much as to harvest one or more organs for recycling. Seems to project just the right "bed side manner" for the Galactic Empire. 

"Medical" droid on the left, and astromech droid on the right.

And what is it with the Galactic Empire? Even the cute astromech droids can look sinister when in service of The Empire - not as scary, perhaps, as the "medical" droid, but still...

As with the Rebel Specialists, these figures all bring specific roles and abilities to the "Star Wars Legion" game, but I am more keen just to have them as general characters, accent pieces or objectives for a Star Wars skirmish game of some kind. That's all for now - Happy Halloween everyone, and stay tuned for more. Thanks for reading!


Neil Scott said...

Nice work

Dallas said...

Those look great dude!

DaveV said...

Great looking addition to your forces!

Moiterei_1984 said...

Most excellent work on these! Finally the forces of order are getting their proper place int he lime light!