Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Star Wars Legion: Rebel Troopers

Rebel Troopers for "Star Wars: Legion" - plastic miniatures from Fantasy Flight Games.

Even more "Star Wars: Legion"? Well, why not? I'm making more progress on components from the core box set - here are the two squads of Rebel Troopers that come with the base game. These are 30mm plastic figures from Fantasy Flight Games (or Atomic Mass Games, or whatever the f*ck they might be called by now). Each squad is comprised of seven figures.

Squad one - ready to raise the rebellion...

Squad two, ready to take on The Galactic Empire...

While the soft plastic is something of a challenge, I did really enjoy these figures overall. They look great, and paint up pretty nicely.

Support weapon options for the squad.

In "Star Wars: Legion" think each basic Rebel squad is meant to be four troopers strong, and you can add to them from there. So the Core box gives you some options - you can bump the squad up to five troopers, or to add a trooper with a support weapon.

I could not figure out what, exactly, the sort of Ghost-buster-style backpacks were supposed to I just went with black...

I went with a fairly generic palette of khakis, browns and greens for the uniforms on the troopers. I tend to think of desert terrain when it comes to a battle with Star Wars infantry, but these paint jobs could fit in fine with a wide assortment of terrain backgrounds.

Squad leader in the middle at the front.

Not sure if/when these will see action on the table, but at least the Imperial Storm Troopers now have adversaries. That's all for now - I hope to have some more "Legion" content to share before long. Thanks for reading!


Neil Scott said...

They look superb

Moiterei_1984 said...

They look bloomin‘ awesome Greg! Really dig your choice of colours for that Rebel scum. Pardon my French. Should feel right at home on Tattoine.