Monday, October 18, 2021

Alpha Legion Assault Squad

I'm in the process of completing the remaining models I have earmarked for my 30k Alpha Legion. The first up is an Assault Squad. It's a basic 10-man squad armed with chainswords and bolt pistols. Two of the models are armed with a power sword and power maul, while the sargeant is armed with a power fist and hand flamer. I painted one shoulder pad white so I could use the metallic green legion symbol that came with the Forgeworld transfer sheet. The transfer is a bit underwhelming, but the white helps break up the sea of turquoise a bit. My Alpha Legion army is mostly long range, so some close combat is a nice addition.
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Codsticker said...

Love that colour and you are right about the white shoulder pad- it's a nice counterpoint to the blue.

Greg B said...

Oh YEAH! Great work Mike! That power maul...good for handling "witnesses", I expect. Well done.

Dallas said...

Nice work, I do like the white pads as well.