Saturday, December 5, 2020

4Ground 10mm Security Fencing for Adeptus Titanicus

Last year for Christmas, Pam got me some very cool terrain from 4Ground. The first one of these kits to be built was their "Security Fencing" set, shown above with Gilles. 

The set gives you ten full-length fence sections, eight half-length sections, ten corner sections, and two full- and one half-section gates.

The photo above gives a good idea of how much you get. It should be an ample quantity for fencing off an industrial area on your AT table. The terrain tile above is two feet on each edge.

Tiny though they are, the fences in the kit are composed of *many* tiny fibreboard parts. The fencing itself is printed clear acetate that you cut out from the sheet yourself. Clever.

You also get some "gate" sections as shown here.

The kit is listed as "Skill Level 3" out of 5. I also have a "Skill Level 5" kit yet to build and I have to confess I'm a bit afraid of it. The fencing kit was certainly not difficult to assemble but it was somewhat fiddly and composed of many small parts. Thank goodness it was pre-painted... however the parts all fit well and putting them together was a pleasant way to spend a few hours.

Hopefully they'll maybe see the gaming table sometime next year...?

Stay healthy and safe everyone.


Codsticker said...

The fencing printed on clear acetate is a clever solution- it looks great on the table. What is the Skill Level 5 kit?

Dallas said...

It’s the “Micro Scale Industrial Silos”. Wish me luck ;-)

Greg B said...

Great work on these Dallas. Every so often I tell myself "hey, I should try 4ground" - then I see this stuff...

But you can't argue with results. These look great.