Thursday, October 29, 2020

Some More VI Legion Firepower

Rapier chassis - heavy support for The Rout.

I'm trying to pick up the painting pace a little bit as we get settled into our new house in Ontario. In conjunction with those efforts, I managed to finish off this little 30k project this past weekend - a Rapier heavy support weapon & crew for the VI Legion Astrates, the "Space Wolves". 

"Look! Over there! It's the people who approved the new blogger interface! Open fire!"

GW's 28mm Horus Heresy ranges involve a bewildering array of weapons, but one thing I do enjoy so much about the range is all of the shout-outs to the very old Rogue-Trader-era weapons and vehicles. The Rapier is very much a part of that tradition, a new take on an old-school Rogue Trader-era kit. 


The Rapier is two parts - a tracked chassis, and a scary, heavy weapon mounted on said tracked chassis. This would accompany the relevant Marines into combat to provide heavy fire support in their missions. There were two "crew" - one on the platform to operate the weapon, and a second to guide/spot/direct (and presumably take over if his colleague is knocked out of action). 

The crew wear modified Mark III power armour - the vents on their power units are positioned at a different angle, and they are sporting some manner of ranging scope/tracker on the right side of the pack.

Entire batteries of these things can accompany your 30k Space Marines into the fires of Horus Heresy battles on the table! I haven't gone that far, but I do have one of these for my Sons of Horus - I thought it best to add this second one to the loyalist side, and thus it received a VI Legion paint job over the weekend. This model had been sitting around - primed - for many months, so I'm glad to finally get it completed.

The gunner has a bit of a "lean" to him...a byproduct of my lack of careful attention to the positioning of his right arm - this odd angle was the only way to ensure the joystick was actually attached to the chassis...oops...

This particular Rapier is sporting the traditional quad-laser battery, but you can select other weapons for them. The quad-laser is a fun selection because it is A) quite scary and B) very much the classic weapon for the chassis.

Ready for action!

Thanks for visiting the blog folks - stay healthy, and stay sane! 


Neil Scott said...

Lovely figures. A fine upgrade for an old classic model

Dallas said...

Nice work there dude. Good to see that escalation continues unabated!

Moiterei_1984 said...

Fine work Greg! Always loved the oldskool version and your take on this kit is just great