Monday, September 10, 2018

Sci-Fi Terrain Bits - "Sector Imperialis" Objectives

A few "Sector Imperialis Objective" bits from GW
I'm back from a lovely summer in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, and while my painting pace was much slower this past summer than past years (and continues to be pretty slow, relatively, overall, as is my blogging pace), I did finish a few more little things here and there.  First to share are these fun little bits from Games Workshop - a set of "objectives", pieces from the "Sector Imperialis Objectives" set which I believe were released back with the new, 8th edition of 40k. 

I'm such a slacker when it comes to painting terrain, or things which might be considered terrain, and I almost never do it.  I'm a HUGE fan of products by folks like the Miniature Building Authority - painted, solid terrain, ready to be on the gaming table straight from the box, no precious time or life force expended on painting terrain! 

Orbital vox relay - "front" side

Orbital vox relay - "back" side
So, my attitude toward painting terrain is dumb. After all, just check out what Dallas or Mike can come up with - amazing stuff! And nice terrain can really add so much to a game - I'm looking forward to the day we do a big 30k game using Mike's wall...and Dallas great painted Skyshield landing pad and GW defences have appeared many, many times on our gaming table and helped make them awesome (see here for just one example- and Dallas put actual LED lights in the landing pad!).  And check out this battle report to see some trees that Byron MADE.

"Administratum cogitator shrine" - check you bank balance AND receive direction from The Emperor, all with one PIN number...
Furthermore, while guys like Dallas and Mike are really sharp with improvising/construction, I do have to credit GW with coming out with more and more excellent terrain kits - check out Tim's amazing work (here, or here - amazing stuff Tim, well done) for examples. 

"Lucius pattern escape pod" - with hatch still attached.
I don't have the skills to make terrain like Mike, Byron and Dallas can, but I can at least paint, and as more and more nice terrain options come around (and not just from GW - there are many options out there for gamers), I really need to get over my stupid hangups and start painting some of this cool terrain out there if I want to see it on the table.  I thought these little "objectives" would help ease me into the process...this little 8th edition objective pack was a good place to start. 

It appears the target of the search may have escaped! Fun interior detail on the escape pod.
These are fun, fun little bits - an "administratum cogitator shrine", an "orbital vox array", a "Lucius pattern escape pod" and, my favourite, an "Exterminatus Device" (!).  Each would be suitable to add a little bit of character to/serve as the baseline for a 30k/40k scenario.  The designs are fun and faithful to the 30k/40k setting, and lend themselves to a lot of possible mayhem in a game. 

They are also great designs - the escape pod, for example, can be modelled to have the hatch on, or off, something which could have a subtle but significant import to a gaming scenario.  I will be trying to track down some extra versions of these models - after all, what is more fun than one "Exterminatus Device"? Why, two "Exterminatus Devices", of course!

The awesome "exterminatus device" - careful with the wires, now!
There are more bits still to paint from this box - including the ultra neat "field medicarium" and spooky "xenon stasis crypt" (!) - but I'm looking very much forward looking forward to getting together with the guys and setting one or more of these pieces into a small 30k game.  I mean, how much fun would the Sons of Horus have with the "Exterminatus Device" - surely to disarm it, of course...I mean, the Warmaster would NEVER let anything bad happen to a whole world, right? Imagine the Alpha Legion hacking the "Administratum Cogitator" ("I am Alpharius, and I have drained you bank accounts...")...should be good times. 

Stay tuned for more... 


Curt said...

These look terrific dude! I'll have to keep an eye out for this kit as it could be used for several settings.

tim said...

Hey! Thanks Greg!

Nice work on the Sector Imperialis objectives! It's a nice little kit - I've been trying to resist picking it up for a few more objective markers (because cardboard tokens are just so boring!) and you're not helping!

Simon Quinton said...

These are great and as mentioned above certainly quite useful in lots of genres/settings.