Monday, September 24, 2018

More Warhounds for the Epic 30k Pack

Reinforcements for my Epic 30k forces - two Warhound class "scout" Titans
I have been ripping through some different projects in the vast "pending" pile on my painting tables.  Inspired by the arrival of the new version of "Adeptus Titanicus", as well as some fun Epic 30k gaming a couple weeks ago, I pulled up two Warhound class scout (!) titans for my Epic 30k collection.  These models (private sculpts, not available commercially), had been sitting in their black base coat for months waiting for my painting whims to return to science fiction, to 30k and to Epic.

Loyalist Warhound titan. 

Turbo-lasers on the right arm. 

"Vulcan mega bolter" on the left arm
My Epic 30k Titan collection featured engines from two different Legions - the Legio Mortis for the Warmaster, and the Legio Gryphonicus for the loyalist side.  Each Legio in my force already had a single Warhound painted already (see here for some action shots of the Titans for both forces). Often in the "fluff" of the setting (and in many formations from older version of the Epic game) Warhounds seem to be deployed in pairs, so I split up the newly painted Warhounds accordingly to ensure parity in my growing Epic 30k collection - by adding one new Titan to each side, each of my Legios would be able to put a pair of Warhounds out on to the table.

The new Warhound (left side of the photo) forms up with its brother-engine which had already been painted.
While the idea of a so-called "scout Titan" is pretty silly, I have to say I totally love the notion, and the Warhound is a fine-looking beast of war.  In Epic 30k the Warhounds can cover the battlefield with solid mobility, enjoy the protection of heavy armour and some shielding, and their weapons hit with enough power to wreck enemy detachments.

The loyalist Warhound here is sporting a set of turbo-lasers (great for wrecking armoured stuff) and a "Vulcan Mega Bolter", which will reduce even heavily armoured infantry detachments to mist (unless, of course, Byron is rolling saving throws for them - but I digress).

Rebel Warhound class Titan. 

Turbo lasers on the right arm.

Very nasty Plasma Blastgun on the left side. 
The rebel Warhound is also equipped with turbo-lasers, but its other weapon is a plasma blast gun, a nasty, nasty piece of kit that can harm just about anything, even other Titans.

The newly expanded Legio Mortis Warhound pack pose for a photo together.
Of course these "lighter" Titans are more vulnerable once the big guys like Reavers or Warlords show up, or if the enemy can bring some of the big super-heavy tanks into action (such as the Space Marine Legion "Falchion" tank).  The Warhounds have some shields and armour, but limited amounts, and are vulnerable to the big "Titan Killer" class of weapons - if the shields are down, they can vanish after a single shot...

With the re-release of "Adeptus Titanicus", I expect GW will be rolling out with new versions of the Warhound models for their game (and they will probably be a lot larger than these, based on what I have seen from the massive size of the new Warlord Titan models).  I haven't seen the new Warhounds yet - so far only the Warlord and Reaver class Titan chassis have been put out for sale - but it shouldn't be too long...

Whether it is more Epic 30k, or a game of "Adeptus Titanicus", I hope to get these "little" guys out on the table for a game sometime this fall!


john de terre neuve said...

Very nicely done Greg, I need to get a second scout myself!


JamieM said...

Cracking job on these! I still like the teeny tiny original sculpts and I really must get mine painted....

Curt said...

Great work Dude! Looking forward to seeing these babies close up soon.