Monday, October 11, 2010

"Did you have a f#$%& stroke?!?"

This was Conscript Greg B.'s reaction when I mentioned that I was working on a Warhammer 40K Skyshield landing pad with LED lighting... not exactly what I was going for, but fair play.  In the realm of Insane Projects, I think LED-lit terrain is right up there.  However it's something I've always thought might be pretty cool to actually do.

The kit is a standard Skyshield from GW, lit with four LEDs powered by an onboard 9V battery.  The lighting itself was very easy to build,  I purchased it in components from for about $15 total.  The slickest part was the pre-wired switch with 9V battery terminal - the individual LEDs just wire straight into it.  I may post more detailed photos with a write-up if there's interest.

In the meantime, "Valkyrie Eagle Seven, you are cleared for vector to pad 123675." ;-)


DaveV said...

Great work, Dallas! Very striking piece of terrain.

Maybe I can light up one of those new Fire Prism kits...

Greg B said...

LED terrain, videos on the blog - man - it's getting hard to keep up!

Great work dude.

BionicPerry said...


John Adkins said...

Very nice. This is something I have long wanted to get into. Color me inspired!

Kevin H said...

Pretty slick! Is it big enough to land a Valkyrie?

Dallas said...

>Is it big enough to land a Valkyrie?

But of course! That's pretty much what it was designed for... came out at the same time as Planetstrike and the plastic Valks.

Unknown said...

Hey Dallas,
There are three sizes of LED on

Which size did you use for the landing lights?

By the way, genius idea :)

Dallas said...

Hi B!

Sorry I'm so late with a reply to your comment, I just found the package from the LEDs I used.

I used the "3mm" Flash units. Hope that helps!