Thursday, September 27, 2018

Kill Team and Gaslands

Since Kill Team came out I've been putting together a few teams from my very random collection of impulse buys and forgotten minis. So far I've put together a chaos renegade/Alpha Legion team and an Eldar team. The Eldar models are among the first models I ever bought way back in the early 90's! I realize that many of you started collecting in the 80's and before, but it's still a depressing realization for me.
Chaos Marines build from random bits I had lying around.

Bought during Last Chance to Buy. Arms, legs and weapons from Victoria Miniatures

These were bought in either '95 or '96 and just painted them now. The grav platform is from a 15mm vehicle kit.

Even older is my collection of Matchbox and Hotwheels cars. My mom kept them around for my nephews when they were young and planned to do the same for my daughter. She's only 5, but she's been very curious about all the guns and spikes I've added to the cars for Gaslands. Luckily she hasn't asked why the cars need guns and spikes.

Perhaps Dallas will recognize the paint job for the first car in this line-up


Greg B said...

Great work Mike! That Eldar team in particular has an excellent retro vibe!

Dallas said...

Awesome work! Love the MFP Alpine!!