Thursday, September 13, 2018

More 28mm Prussians from Foundry - Fifth Unit Complete!

Another group of Prussians ready to take to the gaming table. 
We are heading into the final days of summer, and now that I am back from the lake, I am trying to apply the finishing touches to figures I painted out at the cabin.  While I did a few 30k and sci-fi bits out there, mostly I had brought along some 28mm Prussian castings by Wargames Foundry for my Franco-Prussian war project.  After I finished some Dragoons earlier in the summer, I started in  another unit of Prussian infantry.  The majority were painted at the cabin, with a final few castings completed last week, and basing etc. completed this week.  So here is another unit of Prussian infantry!
Officer in the foreground directing traffic in his unit. 

Tried to mix things up a bit by using a different pose for the front rank in this unit. 
The castings are lovely, as these Perry-sculpted Foundry figures are just excellent. I used some different poses in this unit to provide a bit of variety on the table. As before, there are 20 castings in the main body of the unit, and four castings on individual bases which can be set out to represent the deployment of skirmishers. The flag is from GMB. 
Commanders in the middle - flag from GMB.

Skirmish troops have their great coats on - once more, provides a bit of variety in the look of the formation on the table. 
And while I was finishing off the infantry unit, I also added some ground work to the previously-painted Dragoons. 

Prussian Dragoons, now with completed ground work. 

Split into two small units here, but could be combined into one unit without much trouble.

Another view of the Dragoons - not as glamorous as some of the other cavalry arms, but critical for the Prussian forces!
So this bonkers Franco-Prussian War in 28mm for Black Powder is starting - just barely, but starting - to come together.  Five infantry units, one cavalry unit (or two, if I want to have two small ones), and an artillery almost - almost - can be squeezed into enough of a force that can be occupy the gang for a Thursday night game. I think one or two more Prussian units of some sort should do the trick.  It may take a little while to get to them - some 30k stuff is heading for the painting table for now - but I'll do my best to keep on track toward a game sometime this year! 


Jonathan Freitag said...

I love the look of the Foundry Prussians and your brushwork really bringsthem to life. Nice!

Codsticker said...

Great project! Are you responsible for painting all the minis for both sides?

Neil Scott said...

Great looking regiment

DeanM said...

Great looking figures - would love to do a bit of Franco-Prussian War stuff, but still stuck with Napoleonics :)

L'Empereur Zoom 13 said...

Wonderfull !
We love it, figures, painting, basing... all !

Peter Douglas said...

Looking great Greg- no almost about it you've got enough for a small game if the opposition can scrape up something similar. You're vague on what this unit represents - is it a battalion or a regiment? Or is that flexible?

Pete. said...

They are stunning- great work.



tim said...

These look great, Greg!

Syl said...

Great job!

Millsy said...

Very nice indeed mate. Love the cornflower blue on the horse!

JamieM said...

What jolly spiffing troops! I am impressed with your drive to get both armies done to play the new era and system. My garage is littered with half finished forces and terrain for new games that I’ve never finished despite the best intentions when I started out!

Bravo indeed on your efforts and I look forward to the battle reports.

Jason said...

Nice work Greg! I have always really liked the Foundry Franco-Prussian War collection and you have painted those Prussians splendidly. I have a couple of units of dragoons that I have never yet painted - I think I feel inspired now! :-)

Bartek Zynda said...

Absolutely amazing job!

The Angry Lurker said...

Those are lovely Greg!

Moiterei_1984 said...

Almost missed these and glad I didn‘t. Great work Greg! I find myself constantly amazed by both the quality and sheer quantity of your output. How about some Bevarians to add some colour? They look rather posh with their Raupenhelme too ;-)

Curt said...

Beautiful work Dude. You've done an amazing amount of work to get this project together. Bravo!