Friday, January 6, 2017

Third Challenge Submission - Epic 30k Sons of Horus and Knights

More Epic 30k fun!
My third submission stays with the 30k theme and setting, but switches scales.  These are for Epic, GW's excellent 6mm rules, a game so good the tools that run GW killed and then wondered why it died.  

When I post about Epic, I wonder often at GW's alleged plan to "bring back" Epic. The timeline for this alleged reappearance continues to stretch out in a management fashion that would make Dilbert blush.  GW may bring back the game, or some version of it, but I'll believe it when I see it.  It seems most to be vapour right now...

Terminator officer brings his banner to battle, like any respectable officer would!
Anyway, the point is not to rant, but to share! So on with the submission. There are a few different bits here.  The bulk of it, painted green, are from the 16th Legion, the Warmasters' own Sons of Horus.  This force got started in the last Painting Challenge, and it continues to grow.

Love the oversized autocannons on the Terminator - there is also a deredeo dreadnought behind them
Horus for hope!
The infantry represent a Terminator detachment.  While the Terminators are next to useless in the large scale 30k/40k game, the Epic rules model these scary troops very well.  The Terminator detachment can arrive anywhere on the table and deliver a devastating blow, consistent with the fluff of their back story. I have not really used Terminators in Epic games before, so I look forward to trying them out.

Deredeo class dreadnoughts - lots of cannons and missiles, fire support galore
Command APC in the front, and a trio of "Leviathan" dreadnoughts behind it - the Knights loom in the background
There are two dreadnoughts of different varieties - the two smaller ones are "Deredeo" class, basically heavy weapon support platforms.  The trio of larger ones are "Leviathans", large dreadnought-class armour intended for even-heavier up close and personal support.

Sicaran tank, boasting a pair of deadly autocannons in the turret - I love this vehicle
There are three armoured vehicles - two Sicaran battle tanks and one command variant of a Rhino APC.  As Byron has said before, the Sicaran tank is one of the nicest designs, looking very cool and aggressive.  The Rhino with the little radar dish will be a useful ride for the commanders in the Sons of Horus forces on the table.

A detachment of four Knights - deadly walkers, heavy fighting machines
There are four walkers in the submission as well - these are Knights. In this group there are two "Knights Errant", sporting thermal cannons and two "Paladins", carrying battle cannons.

The machine on the right is an "Errant", equipped with a thermal cannons
The fellow on the left is a "Paladin", armed with a battle cannon
This submission netted me another 25 points.  The 30k pursuit will continue with further submissions as the New Year goes on!


Millsy said...

"I wonder often at GW's alleged plan to "bring back" Epic."
We were discussing this last night whilst gaming. Supposedly it will be 10mm which is crazy considering all the original material is 6mm. Another bonkers decision from the folks famous for them!

Dallas said...

Great stuff Greg - I especially like the Knight Titans.

Gregory said...

Where do you get these wonderful toys?

Bass said...

Seconded @Gregory, i'd love to know where I could get some of these !

Clive G said...

I've also been wondering where some of them came from. The tanks look very like some from the Tusculum Nova elites range by Troublemaker Games - available from Vanguard Miniatures here:
Close but NOT QUITE. Maybe they're early Kickstarter versions?

Unknown said...

I would also like to know where you got them from.