Saturday, January 28, 2017

10th Painting Challenge Submission - More Alpha Legion for 30k

Some folks in the Painting Challenge thought I had switched completely over to painting fantasy stuff.  Wrong! It was more Alpha Legion deception! Fresh recruits for Alpharius...

It has been fun to be painting some stuff connected with Warhammer Fantasy again, but I can't forget my main focus for this edition of the AHPC - and that is getting 30k stuff done.  My 10th submission to Curt's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge got me back on that track with a squad of five tactical support marines carrying plasma guns and three tactical marines carrying their standard boltguns.  The models are plastics from GW's "Betrayal at Calth" set, with some add-ons and transfers from Forge World.

Tactical support squad with plasma guns
Comms trooper on left, vexillary on the right

I love the little read-out screen on the comms trooper

The so-called Tactical Support Squads carry various specialized weapons to provide some heavy firepower alongside the regular rank and file marines.  Plasma guns are useful is carving up armoured targets.  In the Horus Heresy, the opponent is often another Marine, so these weapons will come in handy in situations where even the heavily armoured witnesses need to be dealt with...

Customized bits from Forge World...expensive, but lovely sculpts

Some detail on the back packs

The three tactical Marines are just extras from the first two tactical squads.  Adding these three models frees up some of the "beakies" I had previously painted to form their own small seperate unit if I feel like it.

These models are just a ton of fun to paint, very well done by GW.  And I know it is a silly expense to incur, but I also love the accent packages from Forge World.  The sculptors hit it out of the park, and sprinkling the custom bits throughout the units is a lot of fun, and I'm thrilled with how they have turned out.

#Horus4Hope taking shape...

Every so often it is fun to put a group shot of the progress so far.  This is the Alpha Legion group that has been completed to date - 31 marines to this point! This could even represent a bare-bones force on the table.  They will need some support - vehicles, maybe dreadnoughts...or just more infantry.  We'll see what comes next!

The Chaplain urges you to feel the love...

Stay tuned for more Challenge submissions next week...and be sure to visit the Challenge pages to see the incredible work from hobby folks all over the world, including others from right here in Winnipeg. There is lots of great work to check out.


Anonymous said...


The Alpha Legionnaires look phenomenal!

Could you do a guide on how to paint them and the colors used?

I really like the clean edges and the accents of red on the plasma weapons.

Best Regards,


Greg B said...

Hi Brian - thanks very much for the kind words.

The "pending" lineup of my painting is such that it might be a while before I could attempt a post regarding a painting guide (I've painted just about all the initial Alpha Legion 'regular' infantry I had lined up). But if you are interested, feel free to send a message to us through the contact feature on our blog, or drop me a line at greg dot burch dot mb dot ca at hotmail.