Friday, March 5, 2021

From the Challenge: Bolt Action 28mm Flak 18/36 AT Gun Crew

My Bandai/Fuman 1/48 88mm Flak 18/36 plastic kit was one of those models that sat on my shelf for literally years. I'd opened the box, looked at all the tiny parts on the sprues, and closed it back up again. It was only due to the encouragement of fellow Conscript Frederick (who'd built and painted his own identical model) that I took up the challenge of this one. If you're interested you can check it out on the Fawcett blog here.

However, even though the gun was finished, to use it on the table you need a crew! Warlord Games came through (after a fashion) with an excellent 6-man crew set for the Flak 18. I say "after a fashion" because of the standard Warlord shipping faff... basically, although I'd ordered the models on 18 December, they didn't get into the post until well after New Year's... "we moved facilities, COVID-19 has disrupted the supply chain, there was another lockdown, etc...", but somehow they'd managed in the meantime to find the time to put together, promote on social media, and post out a bunch of their "mystery boxes" (unsaleable junk boxes?), which was annoying... but I didn't bother ordering one of those as I already have a laser pointer I bought at the Dollar Store, ta very much :-)

Anyway, the crew eventually arrived and paint was slathered upon them. I think they look quite good crewing the gun. The models came with separate heads so I used the ones that made the crew most flexible in terms of period.

Here are the lads lined up. I have to say the heads fit really well and the poses are quite good. All in all a great purchase for seven quid.

So that's the 88mm Flak ready for action, now we just need to find a game...

Stay safe all!

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Greg B said...

These guys look great Dallas - so awesome that these very old projects are being dusted off and completed.