Monday, March 22, 2021

Painting Challenge Entry: "Luke, it's too late!"


Star Wars: Legion does not have a model for Luke as he appeared in the original 'Star Wars' movie. I saw that movie with my brother on its release day, and at least a dozen times that summer. By now, I have seen it 50 or 60 times. 

I purchased from Order66 Miniatures three different, newly-released poses for Farmboy Luke. It's a very nice print, with an iconic pose, good anatomy (check out those hands), and almost completely unnoticeable printing lines. 

I did my usual black priming with Chaos Black, and airbrushed zenithal highlights with Vallejo white. Some acrylics, then oils for blending, especially the flesh tones and various neutrals and greys for the kimono style top. I added a couple of small tears to his top. I changed the colour of Luke's pants and undertunic a bit, and darkened his puttees and boots. Otherwise his legs from hips to toes would all be the same kinda off beige colour.

So, I have now painted versions of Luke Skywalker from all three of the original Star Wars trilogy.

All last year I only painted 12 figures. For this year's challenge, I am now on track to triple my output, LOL! Thanks to Curt and all the minions and fellow participants for the impetus to get out and paint. Cheers!


Dallas said...

Great looking Luke there Dave!

Simon Quinton said...

Lovely job on this version of Luke. I have the core set version todo in a few weeks once I have got the infantry done.

Greg B said...

The growing selection of Lukes is impressive Dave, and your brush and paint skills continue to amaze. This is looks tremendous - well done.