Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Another Deimos Pattern Rhino for the Sons of Horus

Deimos Pattern Rhino from Forge World
Another shift in period and scale, from 15mm WW2 to 28mm science fiction and Warhammer 30k.  This is another "asset" for the motor pool of the 16th Legion - a Deimos Pattern Rhino APC.  The model is from Forge World, a mix of resin components with a current plastic Rhino model kit from Games Workshop.

Those panel lines on the fender are not too clean...ahem...lack of patience and skill on my part
Compared to the other cool and scary-looking vehicles to be found in Forge World's 30k Space Marine Legions (like these, or this), the Rhino is quite humble and rather boring. It's two bolt guns will not destroy another vehicle or wound a Titan. But it will increase the mobility of the Sons of Horus troops and continue the slow and steady collection escalation underway with Dallas and Byron.

Access hatch on the rear
Forge World models are always a bit hit-and-miss, and this one was very difficult - not because of the resin (for once) but because of the plastic model components.  The fenders on the GW Rhino kit plastic superstructure were bent pretty badly, and this one did not come together very clean.  I am not an advanced modeler at all - I lack the patience and skill - and so when you look closely you will places where the panels don't quite line up. This is what happens when you pretty much just force a model to fit together, with a proper mix of super glue, will power and swearing. But from a foot away, it looks fine, and that's good enough for me!

Lots of chipping on the top hatch
This APC will join the other two Rhinos I finished back in the summer.  Between these Rhinos and the Land Raider, my Sons of Horus force can comfortably mount 40 troops in armoured vehicles to take the fight to the dupes of the False Emperor.  I am thinking it won't be long until hostilities resume on Orask, so I will try and get a few more pieces done to escalate the fight and speed the inevitable conquest of the Warmaster Horus, humanity's last hope!


Curt said...

Great looking Rhino Greg! I'm all for gratuitous swearing and fast-bonding superglue - its a hobby mantra for me. :)

Dallas said...

Great looking model, dude! The warring Legions are definitely NOT into strategic arms limitation...

Tiny Basement Wars said...

I've a few of the old Rouge Trader Rhinos, and haven't seen a need to pay Forgeworld prices for new versions of the same round-door tanks. But, your pics have me wondering if I'm missing something!

The paint scheme really works, very practical, none of that overly gaudy gothic stuff, very 30k. Thanks for sharing!