Saturday, October 3, 2015

More 15mm Late War Germans

More fodder for the Eastern front!

Well I have been very lazy at blogging for the past month or so, but I have actually still been painting stuff.  The NFL has started, the NHL is about to get started, and all of that sport-watching provides for prime painting time. Here is some more late WW2 Germans.  This is a panzer grenadier platoon infantry, a PaK40 AT gun team and a spare command figure. All of the figures are from Battlefront.

A platoon command group urges the troops forward
he Panzer Grenadiers are loaded down with MG42s and panzerfausts, all things they will need to try and get the job done late in the war. As I have observed previously, sculpting from Battlefront can be hit and miss, but I really like these late war German sculpts - the troops have a nice mix of trench coats and reversible cammo smocks and pants, covered and uncovered helmets, and a sort of hopeless look on their smooshed faces...even if the particular firefight they are involved in is going OK, overall they know things are going pear-shaped, and they look like they know it.

MG42s by the bucket load
The PaK40 is a plastic gun with metal crew...I have painted these plastic PaK40s before and they seem a, I'm not sure exactly what it is, but the barrel doesn't seem quite right...but whatever - good to have some AT guns to try and hold off that Soviet armour.

PaK40 ready to take out some tanks

I quite like the animation of the crew figures from Battlefront...
As with the other WW2 figures and AT guns I have painted this summer, I've tried to go for a combination of uniform colours and ground work that might be called "3-season" - good for spring and fall, and not horrible in midsummer or winter.  I've been making some recent terrain purchases to try and get away from the very ideal green midsummer look on the gaming tables (more on that later) and I hope these will fit in with that.

Blurry photo (sorry) of another command stand - I put a figure with one of those artillery scoping deals, so this can double as a spotter for artillery or maybe a command group for a gun unit

Tried my best with some German cammo here and there...mixed results but looks OK, especially with lots of trench coats to break up and vary the overall look
Nice to have these additions to the late war 15mm collection done.  They will see action in games of Flames of War, Battlegroup and even Spearhead. 

Another view of the Panzer Grenadiers
I mentioned earlier all the pro sports firing up and that is a sure sign that fall is here now (yes, and the beautiful colours in the trees - I notice that too :). I had set for myself this summer a bit of a goal to tackle my Smaug-horde-sized pending-pile of lead and plastic for 15mm WW2.  I managed to make a bit of a dent, even while distracted as always by my wandering interests, short attention span, as well as wanting to get even more 30k stuff finished.  Stay tuned for more on all three of these subject areas...

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