Friday, October 16, 2015

Legion Rapier for the Sons of Horus

Vote Horus - or else!
 Collection escalation is a lot of fun.  I've been working on Legion 30k figures since late February in 2014, and in the time since both Byron and Dallas have jumped in too.  As a group we've been adding more and more stuff, and that's great.  Dallas has continued to add reinforcements for his Blood Drinkers, while Byron has added more vehicles for the Death Guard.  All in preparation for a very, very big game (more on that soon).  The Sons of Horus had to match (and try to exceed!) the escalation - a new Rhino barely counts. So here are a couple of posts on new additions to the 16th Legion.  Up first is this Rapier Laser Destroyer from Forge World.

16th Legion Rapier with two-man crew

Rapier commander in MKIII armour - my favourite Horus Heresy kit...
This model, like many parts of Forge World's Horus Heresy lineup, is a nice-shout out to GW's Rogue Trader history, and really screams out to nostalgia-primed dorks like me.  A tracked carrier for various heavy weapons, the Rapier was once a metal model from the late 1980s.  The model available today is a lot bigger than the original, and comes with two crew figures.

As I have said before, the embossed shoulder plates are a god-send, and an expensive addiction
This particular weapon system is a "Laser Destroyer", a scary energy weapon useful for blasting vehicles or heavily armoured bad guys. It is a twin-linked, ST 9, AP1 ordnance weapon - 30k-speak for "ouch".
The "driver", using analogue-style technology to operate the Rapier
These are very nice figures, a lot of fun to paint.  I like the comb on the officer, and the little extras like the scope and lens on the backpacks, etc.  Great work by the sculptors at Forge World.

Lots of nice details on this model, another great piece from Forge World
In keeping with the theme of excess running through the 30k Legion army lists, these things are actually meant to be deployed in batteries of three guns (!).  I'm not sure I will get that level with these guns, but I'm sure that would be a fun way to take out enemy armour...

Whoever that guy on the left is pointing at is probably in a lot of trouble...
Up next - more Sons of Horus...