Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sons of Horus Command Figures

Legion MK III Command Figures for the Sons of Horus
More bits for the 16th Legion - some command figures wearing Mk III Power Armour.  There is a Legion Centurion figure, drawing his menacing blade, and a banner bearer. 

Beautiful sculpts from Forge World
The standard looks a little funny, and that's because I managed to trip over one of the dumbest and most obvious trip lines in the hobbyist's book.  I was preparing to spray a matte seal to protect the figure, and I was in a rush, and I didn't pay enough attention.  I picked up the figure, picked up the can, and sprayed, starting with the banner...and I was surprised to see the banner turn black! I had picked up black spray primer instead of matte sealant!!  I'm such a dunce!! F**K!!!

In spite of my stupidity, I managed to save the banner
Not much on the back of the banner, of course, but just wanted to show the detail on the rear of the figures
Considering the type of f*** up I had bumbled into, it could have been worse - I only caught half the banner with the black spray - the bearer figure was unscathed, and half the banner was still OK.  So I sighed, swore, waited for the primer to dry, and set about re-painting the banner...I kind of saved it, but it does look a little weird...

Love the riveted, segmented look of the MKIII Armour

The Centurion is a wonderful sculpt - he seems to looking off into the distance, preparing to get involved more personally with something on the battlefield...
While the banner carrier is mostly a bit of fluff for the table, the Centurion is useful in rounding out my Sons of Horus force, as he provides a mandatory HQ selection for the force, one that fits in a little better than the larger, scarier, Praetor (although at least he has some Terminators to hang out with now).  I need to add a couple more individual marines to round out this command group - stay tuned for more 30k and Sons of Horus...and a REALLY BIG GAME...

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