Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Deimos Pattern Rhinos for the Sons of Horus

"All right! A ride!" Deimos Pattern Rhino APCs from Forge World
Continuing escalation in our 30k arms race.  These are "Deimos Pattern" Rhino APCs from Forge World, painted in the colours and markings of the 16th Legion, the Sons of Horus.  These trusty APCs will speed the Legion troops to victory over the loyalist forces dupes of the False Emperor.

A nice, updated version of the old Rogue-Trader-era Rhino kits - love this model!
I have been painting 30k figures for over a year now, but have been slow to add vehicles (unless you count Knights and even Titans, which are fun but are not, strictly speaking, "regular" Space Marine vehicles). Call it (yet another) "Exhibit A" of my disorganized approach to the hobby - lots and lots of infantry, but no real, cohesive force to put on the table. You have to be clueless like me to paint stuff for a project for over a year but not yet have a complete force ready.  It's not like these are Austrains or something...but whatever, I'm easily distracted...

So I had parts of three different forces (World Eaters, Sons of Horus, Solar Auxilia), but no one force was complete.  I decided to focus on the Sons of Horus - after all, they are THE bad guys of the Horus Heresy...

WIP showing the combination of resin bits the basic current Rhino model as a base
I finally completed a Land Raider this past spring to break the no vehicle spell. Now with these two Rhinos, the Sons of Horus forces are now a much more mobile and rounded out detachment for the table. These classic-looking models will carry 10 legion troops to various trouble spots on the gaming table in style and comfort, although they are certainly not as scary as a Land Raider...

Friendly side access point - I still don't get how Space Marines get in and out of these things, but it's part of the charm...
The "Deimos Pattern" Rhino is a mixed kit from Forge World - you get a plastic Rhino kit from the current 40k range, and resin bits to bolt over & combine with the plastic model.  The resulting vehicle is a clear shout-out to the original plastic Rhino model from Rogue Trader, and I quite like it.  You have little bolters on the hatches, the twin doors on the front, all the key design looks for the original plastic model, but with the larger size of the current one. The Forge World designers have really nailed the spirit of the Horus Heresy well with these constant little nods to the original models speckled throughout the range.

Rear access ramps
These are not cheap kits, but given the horrifying current price of a plastic Rhino, and the fact that the Canadian Dollar is once again circling the toilet, the price is not too far off from buying a "regular" Rhino.  As Dallas notes in his post for his IXth Legion Rhino kits using Chapterhouse, if you don't have spare unused plastic Rhino kits around, then you will not lose out by much more opting for the Forge World kit.

Not every line went together well, but screw it...
Assembly was a challenge - but surprisingly the issue was not Forge World's unreliable resin, but rather the plastic model components, which were warped and needed straightening - something I was not successful with as you will note if you look closely, especially the front fender plats on a couple of them.  I did my best, but didn't sweat it - I'm no Golden Demon model builder anyway, and I don't have the patience to try!

Legion tactical marines with their new vehicle - as a newly painted tank, it's guaranteed to survive well on the tabletop - right?

So the Sons of Horus are now a much more coherent table-top force! Dallas has been working hard to build up his IXth Legion loyalist forces (a Spartan - crap!).  The arms race isn't about to stop, but it will soon be time to get started on some 30k gaming.  We've been noodling a little narrative campaign for 30k, sort of like what we did for Rogue Trader and Rynn's World, but this will build up into a massive mega-game where we get the Titans out for a spin.  The date on the mega game is a bit of a moving target, but we're going to get started building up the story with the first game this week. Stay tuned for more! 

Let the galaxy burn! (To create jobs, of course - good, high-paying Horus jobs...)

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These look great! Excellent WIP shots too. Nice job man!