Monday, April 4, 2011

Send in the Hussars

With the Dragoons out of the way, I have one last unit to complete as part of my own Black Powder Challenge - a regiment of Austrian Hussars. Hussars have very colourful uniforms, and a lot of flair, so I left them for last. I managed to get started on them this weekend, and here are a couple of pictures of the first "test" models.

The Regiment is the 10th (Meszaros). Painting these suckers will take some time (all the cords make for slow going), but the end (of this project) is in sight! Now that I have worked out the colours to use, I hope the speed will pick up. It took a month to finish the Dragoon regiment, and I am going to try and finish these guys within about the same period.

One catch - I was short three figures to do a complete 24-figure regiment. I ordered an additional pack from Foundry in February. Foundry sent an email saying it was in the mail February 28. Still no sign of the package, however...thanks Foundry!

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Curt said...

This is going to be a real showpiece unit when you get them all done.