Monday, October 19, 2009

New Poll

Well, it was getting to be high-time for another Fawcett Poll, so I have switched them up. This one will help you provide input into a very important question - which faction should we pressure Mike F into collecting and painting for Napoleonics? After all, I've been pressuring him for some time, but he has always been able to say back "well, where should I start?". A fair question. This poll should help close down that avenue of escape, and push him toward something that will help our overall Napoleonic gaming efforts.

As for the last poll, which dealt with "what should happen next" on the friendly planet Toxo IV, the winner was "brutal street fighting". Watch for a game invite before the end of the year that will provide for this.

Now let the pressuring of Mike F begin!

And Cam, FYI - don't take this as a signal that we're letting up on you in any way. You had better paint a platoon of modern PLA - and soon...

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