Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More (slow) 25mm Napoleonic Progress

Last night I finished another unit of Perry French - this time a unit of Light Infantry. I've based them in the goop, and after a good two days of drying, these will be ready to have the bases painted up (no, they are not marching through the snow) and they can join my burgeoning 25mm French army, which will then consist of all of four units - three line batallions, and one light battalion. Slowly but surely, I guess....

Another unit of Perry French, waiting for the basing goop to dry out. The officer, drummer and standard bearer are metal - the rest are plastic.

Also, as a testament to my lack of focus, I am also working away at some opponents for these guys (and of course perhaps the poll will send Mike F in the 25mm direction, but so far the 15mm Portugese seem to be winning). Initial progress is below. These are not recently painted (I first started on these guys about two years ago!!!) and I have not yet completed a 24-man unit for the Austrians, but again...slowly but surely.

Hungarian troops going on to the bases - the castings are from Foundry (which I think the Perrys scultped but I'm not sure).

I hope to have a small game in 25mm scale sometime late next year, pitting the Austrians against somekind of French rear-guard in the 1813-1814 time frame. Of course, detail types will know that these two opponents don't even really add up - the French are in the post-1812 uniforms, while the Austrians are still in their pre-1809 helmets. On the other hand, who cares? It will be really fun to have these out on the table one day.

I am thinking about 10 units per side would do it for a starter game....oh man, that's lots of figures...

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