Wednesday, October 7, 2009

From the Painting Table - Veteran Sgt. Goat Boy and Perry French

A little update from the Greg B painting table. Now that I am coaching hockey again, my productivity has slowed, but I have been working away on a few projects and thought I would post some progress on the blog.

First up, a classic figure from the Rogue Trader era, the Beastman Sergeant with plasma pistol. This is from the time of the human bombs, penal legion troops with exploding heads, and other Imperial Guard odd-xilia. Acquired in some sort of unwise Ebay purchase at least two years ago, I have finally painted him up. I would love to find a pack of the old metal Beastmen (as in, Imperial Guard Beastmen - seriously - they were in the army list - standards have changed) I don't think it will be worth the time or the OOP mark-ups. So he'll fit in fine as some kind of "veteran sergeant". Certainly he will confuse Chaos opponents.

"For the Emperor - and better grazing rights!"

While Goat Boy was fun, my primary efforts lately have been on a renewed push on 25mm Napoleonics. I've been working my way through toward a 3rd unit of Perry French. This unit will be mostly plastic, with a metal NCO, mounted Colonel and a "porte-aigle" mixed in. A few of the finished models are below.

Now I just need to base them, fix one of Brian's awesome banners, and they will be ready for battle. Still a long way away from a force ready for a game, but at least it is progressing. Up next I hope to finish a unit of Legere troops (essentially the same in terms of quality, but blue pants) and a unit in skirmish formation. An order for reinforcements was made to the Perrys this month - hopefully they arrive around the end of October to keep the momentum going, although chances are I will have switched projects by then (like my entire squadron of blue Valkyries for 40k).

I did receive a pre-order box of Perry Plastic French Heavy Cavalry - and they are gorgeous! I have never painted a Cuirassier in any scale, so I have one model assembled for test-painting and mistake-making purposes. Watch for further updates!


Paul K. said...


Check this out:


Painted by KH.

Paul K.

MFraser said...

Is the new IG army on hold for now?

Greg B said...

Yes - waiting for parts. I'm trying to figure out how to do the veteran guys, which are sort of a centre piece to that force. I have some bits from Forge World, some spare bits from other kits, and I'm trying figure out how to bash em together to look cool...

Greg B said...

Paul - those Beastmen are awesome!