Sunday, September 6, 2009

**** You and the Horse You Rode In On

OK, so the first conversion work has started on the Vraksian Renegades. I decided to start with the Rough Riders. Readers will recall that the converted model consists of:

- Chaos Marauder horse and torso
- Bretonnian Knight lance arm
- Empire Militia left arm
- Forgeworld Renegade torso

Here is the assembled product...

Personally, I like how the rider came out, but not sure on the horse choice. It looks very... "Chaos-y" for lack of a better word, and may not quite fit with the more restrained and realistic look of the rest of the army. I think I'll continue with the riders but use a different horse... Empire Pistoliers maybe? There used to be some plastic Bretonnian squire horses that were quite nice but I don't think they're made any longer. Rats...


MFraser said...

The rider looks awesome! I don't think the horse is that bad either, but I can see how it might not fit with the rest of your army.

Greg B said...

Dude - that is SWEET! I would stick with the horse type...I think the colours will do more to keep the overall look restrained than the bits - the horse will fit in as long as the metal plates/chains etc. are not of preposterous or the horse isn't purple (a-la-Tzneech).

Dallas said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Greg - I ordered 10 Pistolier horses anyway. We can do a side-by-side comparison in a week or so when they arrive ;-)