Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wheels for GünSchwarm

Well - technically - "treads", but Gün grenadiers will finally get a lift to their encounters with FuturKom and the FutureBritz. I looked at a variety of exotic options, including some models from Old Crow, but in the end, opted for what was on hand in my collection - Chimeras!

Painting this vehicle took almost no time at all, because I simply repainted one of my other Chimeras - one that used to support the "blue" army. This worked out great, because I despise assembling the Chimera model. I don't want to strip the APCs away from my "blue" guys completely, but I figure I will be able to recycle at least two more into the tan GünSchwarm colours to provide a mechanized platoon to support the next battle!

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Unknown said...

A little late but I found it!! Heres the link to the official PDF that covers all the Forgeworld stuff, updated for the newest rules - including the Chimera Autocannon turret option.