Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First Unit of Perry French Completed

Tonight I finished my first unit of plastic French 28mm Napoleonic troops from the Perry Twins' range. They are based for Shako (or, I suppose multiple other systems but I intend to use them for Shako).

French Battalion - 1812

There is a sapper with them to keep em' company. The banner is courtesy of Brian (his are the best!). The photos are blurry as I have yet to get a proper lense to shoot the minis up close. It's on the to-purchase list.

So that's one down and 13 or so to go...for line infantry....then there will be artillery, cavalry, officers....oh well, at least one is done!


Dallas said...

Dude, you're a machine.

I haven't even pulled any parts off the sprues for my Victrix Brits yet.

DaveV said...

Great looking figs, Greg.