Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Official Cam Painting Challenge

Example of someone who might suffer if Cam does not finish his Tau in time

So Dave V has stepped up the pressure on Cam to get his Tau painted in time for Mekanicon (sp? why can't these events spell things properly?). If Cam can get 1500 points of Tau ready for the tournament, Dave V will make a donation to a charity of Cam's choice, such as the Salvation Army. That means that actual improvements to society are now on the line, as well as just general having-fun.

Great idea Dave V!

Of course, as much fun as it is to pressure Cam, we can't have him feel the WHOLE world will suffer or something, so in addition to pressuring Cam, we will also provide updates on his progress, which will no doubt be impressive as he seeks to ensure young people, such as the one pictured above, do not go without.

And to help ensure Cam does not endure the pressure by himself, I will open the following proposal to Cam: Since I have (not quite literally) a ton of unpainted 40k Imperial Guard stuff, I will allow Cam to select for me any kind of Imperial Guard force, and I will paint it up for the tournament as well. I have unpainted Chimeras, unpainted Sentinels, many unpainted Steel Legion dudes, and unpainted regular plastic dudes, and I think even some unpainted Valhallans. So Cam, here it is - if you get 1500 points of fresh Tau, I will prepare 1500 points of fresh Imperial Guard at the same time.

So Cam, enjoy the holiday season, and starting in January, the process will begin...

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MFraser said...

I would like to hear Cam's thoughts on this. Can he handle the crushing weight that comes with deciding whether or not a young child (including their golden retriever puppy) will live in poverty?