Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thursday Game

The time: 43 years after the Trauma...
The place: Planetary location designation Intermodal/C.N. 4433X

A cold grey sun shines weakly from a watery cold grey sky. Said sun in said sky illuminates a veritable forest of intermodal shipping containers. Of varying colours, they are all of uniform size, with different stencils proclaiming "Red Blok" and "UNA". This is Intermodal/C.N. 4433X, a small grey dwarf planet used as a shipping facility for interplanetary courier and logistics services. Hidden somewhere among the forest of shipping containers is what They seek.

"They" are Therians. Once they were human, long ago, but now they are more machine than man, twisted and e-vil. One of their number, Phil-753.2, was tasked with sending an important consignment of replicator modules to a Therian outpost. To be brief, he should've used FedEx. If he had, the replicator consignment might not have been lost in transit, with its tracking number indicating nothing more than "arrival scan: Intermodal/C.N.4433X".

Phil-753.2 leads a Therian task force to recover the replicator modules. In the meantime, the Tracking and Logistics Collective (Unclaimed Property Section) of the Red Blok has discovered the existence of the lost Therian replicator modules on Intermodal/C.N. 4433X as well. After filing forty-two different requisitions in quadruplicate, their request for a military task group to be dispatched to find the modules was granted. This task group is on route to Intermodal/C.N. 4433X and arrives just as the Therians get there...

Thursday's game will be the new (ish) pre-painted miniatures game from Rackham, AT-43. Looking forward to this try-out to see if further whoreage is justified ;-)

See y'all at my place, 7:30pm.



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