Monday, December 15, 2008

The Cam Challenge

This will be simple - can Cam paint 1500 points of 40k stuff to participate in this tournament? Of course he can! And we can all have fun pressuring him!
I haven't played in any 40K tournaments (or, any tournaments) since the WarCon days, and from what I can tell, this "Mechani-Kon" seems to be organized by a couple of sprogs who used to play in the WarCon events. So I think I will get off my duff and roll out for this one, even if only to remind myself why I stopped participating in 40k tournaments. Nothing like having your clock cleaned by some 10-year old with a Chaos Terminator army primed that morning with some kind of Testor's metallic paint. But the 5th edition rules are not too bad (still can't shoot people charging at you, but anyway) and I have some 40k figs that need to get whipped by someone else other than Dave's V deadly Swordwing contingent.
Also, I understand they will be allowing some demonstration games on both days, so it might be fun to roll a game of Red Storm on the sidelines of the Warmachine/Hordes events on the first day. Hopefully Dallas and Mike will be up for that....
In the meantime, Cam - mark your calendar, and start painting!! With the miracle of black primer, you will be there in no time.


DaveV said...

I'm also working on a new army. My Crimsonwing (using Deathwing Terminators rules with Crimson Fists iconography) is on the go.

I'm a notoriously slow painter, too. If I can get a new army on the table, maybe Cam can, too.


Cam, $50.00 to the charity of your choice if you have your army ready for Mechani-kon.

Greg B said...

Alright Dave! Let's keep up the pressure!