Thursday, December 18, 2008

AT-43 Tonight

Well, it's always great to add to the huge collection of games we already played. Plus, you can't beat the knock-down prices we got all this stuff for (thanks to Fantasy Flight Games - I sincerely hope your massive 60%+ sale of Rackham stuff is in no way connected to the sub-prime mortgage crisis).

Initial impressions: on the plus side, the stuff looks really, really cool, and it's already painted and looks decent; the setting, aside from a bizarre reliance on crates that look like they come straight out of the intermodal shipping yard at Wilkes, looks neat; on the down side, it involves the "joy" of cards, which is a pointless complication, and you can't even ditch them because you need a deck, it's another thing to keep track of (sure, I have three steel trooper units - but do I have a card for each unit so I can activate it??); also, the translation shows in the "universal resolution" card resolves little...

Still, looking forward to some fun. We've figured out other rules systems before, this should be the same.

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Dallas said...

I thought it was fun. I'm glad we decided to scale back, though... 5000pts per side is hardly a beginner's game. As it was there may have been a bit too much anyway at 2300+. I'd like to try a real 2000pt game or maybe even 1500 to get the nuances of using Leadership etc.