Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Little Too Amibitious

Well, we tried AT-43 this week, and as Dallas pointed out in response to the post below, we were a little too amibitious. On the plus side, I have now figured out what the Universal Table of Resolution actually resolves, and we had a great turn out, which made for excellent visiting and compensating for the fact that we were trying a very complicated rules set for the first time using a very, very big game (couple of thousand points per side).

Cam, Dave V and I pushed the Therians around, while Dallas and Mike B. countered with an alliance of Red Blok and UNA troops. We battled to capture the majority of four objectives, and managed to end the game in a relative tie, even though our allegedly elite troops got basically lit up. I think I may have bought too much into the propaganda of how cool the Therien walkers are.

At least we understand some basics of the rules now, but there are many, many subleties and variations all cast in poorly written, poorly framed (yet beautifully illustrated) rule books. And then there is my well-established jihad against the cards. I'm leaning toward pitching the AT-43 rules, and just using a sci-fi version of Dallas' excellent Blitkrieg rules.

However, Dallas is fair to point out that a more organized, better planned execution of a much smaller, more basic game, would provide for a better feel (like using the leadership points, and "routines" for the Theriens, some of which are remarkably cheesy). And I would vote for not having the stupid medical station, which appears able to cure all wounds, even the doctor getting annihilated by a point-blank shot from a nucleus cannon, or, even better, Colonel Trask (or Bask or Mask or whatever) two turns AFTER getting obliterated by a point-blank shot from a nucleus cannon...

Until the next game - merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to everyone while I sit stranded at Pearson aiprort (although we may get out today - fingers crossed!).

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