Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Some AT 18 Scatter Terrain

Some scatter terrain for GW's Adeptus Titanicus.

I haven't painted anything for Adeptus Titanicus in a while now - but GW has just released a nicely bonkers new model for the range, and this has inspired me to get back to some AT18 projects. To warm up a little, I thought I would start with these bits of scatter terrain from Forge World that have been hanging around the painting queue for quite a while. These are all resin models - there are a couple of "manufactorums" and a some power generators.

The "Manufactorum" - no doubt it is "safety first" at these facilities...

Generators - surely they are "net-zero", with no carbon emissions at all...

These are not going to providing anything in the way of cover in games of Adeptus Titanicus - they are too small for that. But they will make great objectives, or just add nicely to the look of the tables. There is an additional bonus in that these would serve well as objectives/ground targets in games of Aeronautica Imperialis. And let's not forget Epic - these terrain pieces will be excellent for games of Epic 30k - and the case of those models, can also provide some obstruction to lines of fire!

Another view of the Manufactorum, and the access node.

As you can see, these terrain bit will not be providing much "cover" when the Titans are involved, but they'll make fine objectives and table accents.

I'm not much for painting terrain, but even a terrain-avoiding sloth like me really had no problem painting up these nice little models. Hopefully these will see some action in a game sometime...who knows when...but anyway, good to get back into the AT18-painting groove for a bit of a run.

Thanks for reading - stay safe and stay sane.


MFraser said...

I imagine that the people of the Imperium realized long ago that Earth wasn’t precious, planets were everywhere and if things got too bad you could just build a hive. No need to worry about those carbon offsets after all!
The bunkers look great too!

Dallas said...

Love this terrain, Greg - nice job.