Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Austrian 3rd Cuirassiers - 28mm Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry

Thunder on the Danube! Austrian 3rd Cuirassiers ready for the charge.
I finished my latest 28mm Napoleonic unit during the hockey game last night - a regiment of Austrian Cuirassiers in 28mm.  These lads will represent Cuirassier Regiment #3, Herzog Albert zu Sachen-Teschen (got that?), from Moravia.  The regiment is 24 models strong.  The figures are from Wargames Foundry, and are based in pairs on 40mm x 60mm bases. The flag is from Conscript Brian H's Vaubanner Graphics.

Figures painted and ready for basing

A snug fit on the 40mm x 60mm metal bases
This will the be first unit I have added to my 28mm Austrian collection in about a year! Typical Austrian neglect. They had to wait forever, but at least the Austrian generals are getting some stylish reinforcements in the form of heavy cavalry.  This will be particularly welcome given that the French received some Cuirassiers of their own recently.

Austrian troopers in reserve pose - figures are 28mm from Wargames Foundry
These lads will ride to glory (or crushing defeat - whatever) in games of Black Powder, of Curt's unique Napoleonic rules known as Food For Powder, and perhaps even games of Maurice!  A head-on clash with the French heavies would be wonderful fun, and they can always pray to find a touch of the glory my Austrian Hussars found in action in Regina last year!

The monopose is not ideal, but looks a little ominous - suitable for heavy cavalry
Actually if the Austrians are true to form they will break this intimidating regiment down into smaller groups that will spend time providing cover and suitable escorts to various to-ing and fro-ing of indecisive column commanders on the battlefield ("Kindly advise the Feldmarschall I've forgotten my harpsichord solo in Vienna and require a suitable escort to return to the capital and retrieve it. Sigh.").  But I hope to avoid doing that for the first game, at least...

No backplate armour for the Austrian Cuirassiers
I dislike painting horses, but I love having cavalry units on the table (makes sense, right?)  I had hoped to finish both these fellows and the French Cuirassiers in May.  I didn't make it, but I came all, it was 48 mounted figures primed, painted and based in about 45 days...pretty good rate of production.  It's one reason I love the NHL playoffs.  That, and watching the Princess Pittsburgh Penguins getting HAMMERED.  If only I could have painted at this rate during Curt's painting challenge.

Ready to charge home against Napoleon's lackies!
Up next for this summer I have a few options, and I haven't made up my mind.  I need to do some French for these fellows to charge/shoot at.  I also need to reinforce them.  And I have a couple of other new projects nipping at my interest, including an interesting potential one from Mike F....stay tuned for details!  


Loki said...

Very nice indeed

DeanM said...

Very nice - good to see these Foundry painted so well. Best, Dean

Curt said...

Gorgeous! Let's see if we can get them eviscerated during next week's mashup.

Simon Quinton said...

Great looking figures they are superb.

Iannick said...

Who cares how the Austrians fight, look at those uniforms!
Lovely painting, lovely unit.

James Brewerton said...

great unit, what a stunning army you must have when on the battlefield
Peace James

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Anonymous said...

They are looking splendid!

BigLee said...

They look excellent. Nice work.

Phil said...

Great looking Austrian troops!