Monday, June 24, 2013

...And We're Back!! (Nurgle Painted Resin)

After the ordeal that was moving, I'm very happy with my gaming space at the new house. However, all of that meant that I hadn't so much as picked up a paintbrush (1:1 scale painting notwithstanding) for nigh on four months. So the next order of business, clearly, is getting back to painting miniatures.

I had this guy primed from before the move so I thought I'd ease back into things with this model. It's a third-party resin piece and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I can't remember who makes it! (it might be Kromlech but I'm not sure) Turns out it's a Russian Forge World recaster production facility that retails on ebay under the id bdstd, although this model doesn't appear to currently be for sale.

Anyway, I added some skeletal wings from the bits box (from GW's Chaos Spawn kit I think) and painted in my standard Nurgle colours. I think it turned out OK for a first effort back from a long break, and it might see some tabletop action in my Nurgle army as a Chaos Lord or maybe even as a winged Daemon Prince.


DeanM said...

So that is a Nurgle - awesome! Best, Dean

Nics said...

Awesome job. I love your nurgle

And good blog