Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Other Obsessions

The Conscripts who come over on Thursdays may have wonder WTF was going on next to the TV credenza in the corner...

Blogging is a funny thing. It allows a person to share information about themselves with virtually the entire planet. (This assumes, of course, that the rest of the planet cares what that person has to say).

Blogging also allows an outlet for creativity in writing about the things that get us excited and passionate. For the Conscripts, this is mainly tabletop wargaming in its myriad forms, but I know that the guys have other hobbies too.

For me, in addition to an obsession with sports cars, motorcycles and other things that go, I also love to collect vintage Kenner Star Wars toys - you know, the old 3-3/4" figures, the vehicles that they ride in, and playsets where they hang out.

So, as people do nowadays, I've started another blog to showcase some of the stuff in my collection. If you are also a person of a certain age who has fond memories of playing with Star Wars toys as a kid, you may want to surf over and check it out: Vintage Kenner Star Wars Toys.  I'll be aiming to update the blog every week with an in-depth "photo essay" on a vintage Kenner vehicle or playset.

Anyway, I'll hope to see you over on the other blog too if you're interested. I'm still working on some ideas on combining wargaming and vintage Star Wars. What's 3-3/4", about 95mm scale...?


Just a few of the goodies you will find over at the Vintage Kenner Star Wars blog...