Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Colonials - 10th Hussars with Lances

10th Hussars ready for the Sudan
The submissions for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge continue.  This one features more Sudan era stuff from Perry Miniatures' amazing collection.  These are members of the 10th Hussars with lances.

Fun to experiment with the look of this horse
The Sudan was very hard on British cavalry.  Although the terrain is "open", it was often broken and rocky, and the dervishes would hide - unafraid of the horses - and ambush the riders, downing the horses with wooden weapons and unhorsing the riders (and worse). 

Those are pretty serious lances...those dervishes must have been tricky!
The lances gave the cavalry troopers a way to get at the dervishes, or at least gave the dervishes something to think about before trying their ambush.

Victims of Krylon's sh*t primer.  F*ck you Krylon.
These Perry castings are just stunning, amazing to paint.  So it was with considerable anger that I lost two of them to bad Krylon primer.  Once again Krylon, it's not me - it's you.  Get bent. Oh well - it's my own damn fault for trying them again!

Off the painting table, and hopefully on to the gaming table soon
I continue to fade into the distance in the painting challenge standings, but I am still working away at more submissions to meet my goal of 1440 points.  I'm just over half-way there, not bad progress so far.  I will never catch some of the leaders but I am glad to have so many of these dusty pending historical figures done!


Dan said...

These are very cool, really nice paint job.

Allan and Carmen said...

Great brushwork!

I could almost start Colonials after looking at these - lol

Must resist and finish Naps first :P

Jason Meyers said...

Great job on some very nice minis!

Chuckaroobob said...

Those figs are just beautiful! Great job!

Simon Quinton said...

Really nice paintjobs on these despite the Krylon issue.

Cristina Sentiero Magico said...

i like your Blog!
Anf i like your works!
I follow you.
If you like to follow me too, i’ll be happy!
See you soon! ^^