Thursday, January 10, 2013

28mm Downed Russian Helicopter Pilots

28mm downed Russian helo pilots from Mongrel Miniatures
The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge submissions conitnue to roll along, and as part of my efforts to cling to the top 10 of the group I have shifted to a few modern 28mm models that have been sitting in the pending pile for quite some time. 

These figures are 28mm downed Soviet Helicopter pilots, part of the amazing range of figures once sold by Mongrel Miniatures.  The Mongrel Miniatures figures are no longer sold independently, but are available from retailer NewLine Designs in the UK.

Mongrel Miniatures castings are beautiful and easy to paint
The Mongrel Miniatures line is one the absolute best 28mm lines out there, and I have a substantial force of their 1980s Soviets, Mujahideen and BAOR.  These Soviet pilots are a relatively late addition to the collection, but they will make great objective-type models for games set in Afghanistan.  They would also make good downed Elysian Valkyrie pilots in the 40k setting, as the green/khaki matches well with my Elysian forces.

"Which way to the base at Bagram?"
I love these sculpts - you can see the pain and worry on their faces...things suck when you don't have your Hind gunship handy!  I purchased two packs of these - I will paint the second pair in blue colours that match my sci-fi troops.


Simon Quinton said...

Nice paintjobs I really like the poses as well on these.

Jay said...

Very nice. The translucent visors are beautiful workmanship.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Excellent but watch out for those afghans!

Great paintjob and excellent miniatures from Mongrel, never saw them so well painted.