Saturday, June 9, 2012

This Was Prairiecon XXXIII

As threatened, last weekend (1-3 June) Conscripts Greg B., Mike F. and me made the trek out to Brandon, Manitoba for Prairiecon XXXIII. We were happy to see Conscript ("Chemical") Cam out as well, having come down from his new home in Minnedosa.

Greg and I ran some game there too. On Saturday morning I rolled out a Star Wars Starship Battles "Hoth" game, using some extra rules additions to the basic game. They worked out pretty well. My wife made the papier-mache ice planet!

Space carnage abounded and I think the 5 others who played had a good time :-)

Prairiecon was back at Assiniboine Community College this year and I think it worked out great. I used to be very involved with Prairiecon when I lived in Brandon (and have the "President-in-Exile" t-shirt to prove it ;-) and I try to go out every year to run a couple games and help where I can. For a long time now I've been involved in the used game auction which is great fun - "Yes, it's compatible with AD&D! Copyright date? marred and illegible!" Cam apparently stole bought a bunch of 40K stuff for cheap cheap after the auction... got that stuff painted yet Cam? It's been a week!!

Some of the miniatures gaming (including Warhammer 40K and Fantasy) went down in the gym. Lotsa space but really hot down there.

Greg's Robotech game was a hit, as usual. Amazing figures and terrain surface. He always seems to be able to design a good close scenario - something I aspire to but often fall short of...

I ran a Star Wars "Hoth" ground battle game as well. It was a fun time but a bit of a walkover for the Rebels. "Recall the Transports...!"

I spiffed up the terrain a bit by faking up a hangar at the Rebel end of the table.

New Shield Generator looked pretty decent.

"Suck on some Dak! AAAaaaaaaa..."

This young feller was the Rebellion's star asset. Here he is posing with the critical hit he scored on the hapless Cam's Imperials...

All in all, great times at the 'con. One's brain is always fried after a weekend of gaming and this was no different. It's good fun to roll out your stuff and put on a game for a convention, and it helps the 'con out too. Highly encouraged if you've never done it, and if you have, I salute you!


Kevin Holland said...

Congrats, Dallas and crew! Sounds like a good time was had all around! Nice work on all the game terrain too!

DaveV said...

Great looking games! Thanks for the report.

Greg B said...

Big "thank you" to Dallas, Mike and Cam for a great set of games at Prairiecon.

Was a lot of fun to re-connect with "Chemical" Cam once again.

And great job by Dallas on both Star Wars games, as well as top-notch auctioneering!

Curt said...

Your Star Wars games looked great (I especially like the shots of the X-Wing hangar). Did Greg get some photos of his Robotech game? He should put up em up.

Jason Meyers said...

Great looking battle, looks like a lot of fun!