Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Painting Table Bits - More 15mm Khurasan Stuff

Federal 15mm sci-fi troops from Khurasan
Stop-and-start progress continues on my 15mm individually-based science fiction figures.  Here are some more models from Khurasan, this time from the "Federal Army" faction. They are painted to approximately match the blue colours I used for the same models which I based in groups, so they will fit in well with the vehicles I have already painted for this faction.

Lieutenant and an RTO at the front (a little blurry)
The special weapons - SAWs are a bit monopose, but Khurasan has more poses out now
Love the look of these troops - Khurasan's stuff is generally outstanding
There are three five-man teams.  Each team has a SAW and then another special weapon - two of them with fusion-blaster type weapons, and the third with a rocket launcher. There is also a two-man heavy weapon team with a rapid-fire-20mm-cannon-looking weapon.

20mm SHMG team - ready to give covering fire
I love Khurasan's sci-fi infantry, and these models are no exception.  My only criticism for this range is the limited pose for the SAW gunner - but these figures are from the initial sets.  Khurasan has since rectified this by adding a few additional poses.

Nova Respublik - Senior Command staff
I also painted up the figures from Khurasan's Senior Command vignette for the Nova Respublik faction. There is a platoon commander (pointing), a senior officer/commissar looking fellow, and a staff driver standing at attention.

We got to play a couple weeks ago using the individually based 15mm models, and it went OK, so I look forward to getting these figures in action sometime soon.  I'm hoping to goose Dallas into painting a few more of his Rebel Miniatures Earth Force troops and popping them on to single bases so we can have a good smack-down. And if Dallas tries it, together we can pressure Mike F.....

But until then we will have plenty to go around between the burgeoning Federals, the Nova Respublik and the Control Battalion

The only thing that will stop me is running out of bases from Litko, which is just about to happen.  I put in an order three weeks ago for more, but Litko generally takes quite a while to fill orders, so I'll be excited if they get here before August comes. But watch this space for more troops, and some more vehicles, and musings/rantings on my hunt for the "right" tanks in this scale/period...


Anonymous said...

Really nice and effective. what colour paints did you use for the blue armour?

Jay said...

Khurasan minis beg to be painted; and you have answered the call admirably, Sir.

The Angry Lurker said...

I've just started dabbling in 15mm sci-fi and have started with Khurasan, lovely work mate, great visor colour!

Curt said...

Very nice, Greg. The yellow lenses in the helmets set off quite nicely against the blue. Well done!

Ray Rousell said...

Khurasan do make some beautiful figures, love the yellow lenses too!

Fjodin said...

Great figures. Love the blue color scheme!

CBax said...

great looking troops

Greg B said...

Thanks guys.

@ Anonymous - the colours involved are mostly from the now-defunct GW paint range. Base coat is black, first layer is GW Regal Blue, main layer is GW Enchanted Blue, and then I highlight with a craft paint who's name escapes me, but is very similar to GW Ultramarine Blue.

The model is then hit with the trusty Devlan Mud wash.

Fortunately I still have some blue paint hoarded (did so as soon as I got wind of GW's stupid "145"). But at some point I will have to figure out which paints from the new ranges will be similar...I'm sure I'll come up with something.

tim said...

Those look Awesome!