Wednesday, June 27, 2012

15mm Khurasan Federal Snipers, Re-based

Re-based sci-fi snipers from Khurasan.
Last week I finished some snipers/marksmen from the 15mm Federal Army line by Khurasan.  The weapons feature very long, sniper-looking barrels and as I finished the groundwork I realized that the small bases may not have been the best idea for these troops, so I re-based them on to 30mm round bases.
I used my sparse supply of grass tufts to help enhance the ground work.
The larger base should give some extra protection to the weapons, which look great, but bend very easily.  Stay tuned for more 15mm sci-fi stuff, plus a new project for the summer/fall 2012!


Don M said...

good idea and the larger bases, I do the same for all my special ops types to differentiate them from the rank and file troops.

Ray Rousell said...

Nice looking figures, love the bases as well.