Friday, June 1, 2012

Plans for the Weekend...?

If you happen to be in the neighbourhood (southwestern Manitoba, Canada) why not pop 'round to Prairiecon?

Conscripts Greg B., Mike F., Frederick C., Perry G. and I will all be there - Greg running his very cool Robotech game, and me putting on two Star Wars games - fleet scale starships and a Hoth ground battle in a mini-campaign.

Prairiecon is one of those things that is an indelible part of my youth. I started going over 30 years ago (!) when the main draw was the AD&D tournament. Great memories of friends and good times, my mother still talks about how we'd come back home after a weekend of solid gaming with our "brains fried."

Nowadays I've scaled back my participation in PrairieCon to running two games on the weekend and helping out with the auction. But I still really look forward to the Con every year and it's great to see my old gaming pals from Brandon again. And this year the nostalgia trip is even stronger, as the event has returned to its original venue - Assiniboine Community College, site of many an amazing adventure ;-)

See you in Brandon!


Peter Douglas said...

I am only a few hours west of BRandon (in Regina0 but sadly my list of to-dos will keep from from traveling this weekend. enjoy the con!



Kevin Holland said...

Keep an eye out for Chris Allen - he's going to demo Flames of War out there.

Good Luck!