Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Few More "Beakies"

Reinforcements for Pedro Cantor
Well, work has been very, very busy lately, so I have hardly accomplished any painting, and thus, a lot less blogging.  But I actually have managed to paint some stuff recently - small number of reinforcments for my Rogue Trader Crimson Fist marines. This crew mostly consists of special/heavy weapon troopers, but there are few more good-old-RTB-01-bog-standard fellows to join the ranks.

The RTB-01 Flame-Trooper

Some of the free-hand symbols turned out better than others...
Since I am out of the fancy shoulder pads, and the decals don't work on the old marine models, I have been  painting the Crimson Fist symbols on the shoulders by free-hand.  The results haven't been too bad - a few have turned out quite nice, while others look more like they are flipping a crimson bird as opposed to clenching a crimson fist.  I was really concerned about this after the first couple of models - but now I'm just "meh" about it.  They seem close enough when they are in a group together.

Three new missile launchers - one for a second tactical squad, and two for the devestator squad
Heavy bolter-equipped troopers - part of the devestator squad
I am still looking to boost the original 15-man complement to a 30-man detachment - two tactical squads and one devestator squad.  I only have about five marines left to paint, and I'll be at that goal, and on to some other crazy project.


Curt said...

Fabulous work on these, Greg! Really love the old school paint scheme - right and proper for RT 'Beakies'.

Dallas said...

Those look great!

Neil Scott said...

Great looking figures, still have a few of those beakies in my own collection.