Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More 15mm Khurasan Stuff

Heavy weapons for the Nova Respublik
Last year the group started to get into 15mm sci-fi.  The games are fun, and there are some awesome figures out there.  We based them in groups, using a bases from Battlefront Miniatures and a basing approach that looks similar to that employed by Flames of War and would work with a number of games, including Future War Commander and Epic, just to name two of the many, many game systems out there. 

A "super" heavy pulser...the weapon barely fits on a 40mm base
Working with the Khurasan infantry, however, I was so impressed with the quality of the sculpts and castings that I started to do some individually-based 15mm stuff (probably making Dallas' head explode in the process). I'm continuing along with that - here are some heavy weapons for the "Red Faction", a heavy-MG-type weapon, and a pair of ATGW-type teams.

Nova Respublik AT Launcher teams
The ATGW teams are based on 30mm round bases from Litko.  The MG-type team is on a 40mm base - the gun is quite big, and even with the larger base, the gunner is a tight fit.

The AT Launchers look very much like MILANs or TOW-type weapons
This range from Khurasan is outstanding.  I have almost a platoon worth of guys done up.  Now they need some more vehicles to back them up.  Watch this space for more progress on that front! 

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