Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yet More 15mm Khurasan Stuff

Khurasan 15mm Corporate Marines, ready for action
Some more mop up efforts on incomplete Khurasan 15mm projects.  When I started my indiviudally-based 15mm craziness earlier this year, I went first with the "Red Faction" guys.  But of course they will need someone to fight.  The Control Battalion will do nicely, and they will need some help.

Marine officer, with a carbine-type weapon
Given that 15mm individually-based stuff is the intended default setting of the Ambush Alley game system Tomorrow's War, and that we had finally come around to figuring out how to play that game (it's quite fun once you get the hang of it), I set a goal of painting up the figures for the starter scenario in the Tomorrow's War rulebook involving the downed pilot.

Marine fire team
The Red Faction figures would serve well as the DPRG troops, and we even had a pilot.  Khurasan's 15mm Corporate Marines would make good stand-ins for the Marine troops.  I painted a few test-model Marines back I have actually finished the detachment.  I also did a vehicle up for them as a test model.

Each fire team has two heavy weapons - a SAW and a rocket launcher, packing a lot of punch
The Marine side in the Tomorrow's War entry scenario has three heavily armed four-man fireteams, and one officer. The Marines in that scenario also have a technilogical edge over the DPRG troops. The Khurasan Corporate Marines really fit the bill - the weapons look like they are a step ahead, without being too far gone.

The Marine weapons have a clean, sleek sci-fi look to them.
There is no vehicle in the starter scenario for Tomorrow's War, but I thought the vehicle looked neat, so what the heck. The vehicle comes with several turret variants to support the various uses of the "Hunter Class Gun Carriage".  This is the "AA" weapon set - there is also an AT set, and a general support set.  I tried to give the vehicle a bit of an urban dazzle pattern. Yikes.  It mostly just looks like a dirty grey APC.  I'm OK with that.

"Hunter Class Gun Carriage" used by the Corporate Marines - AA turret configuration
These Marine fire teams can now contest the Red Faction in the hunt for the pilot when our group returns to Tomorrow's War. Or other systems -Dave V. has mentioned a cool new set of rules he purchased from Wargames Vault, so these models might be fun to use.  With the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts, you never know what rules set we'll try next...


Ray Rousell said...

Some great looking figures Greg!!

Mike A said...

Awesome stuff, as always. Damn, now I need to finish my 15's off. Thanks for the motivation.