Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Biddy-biddy-beep... new 15mm Sci-Fi...

On Monday the mailman brought a box from FRP Games containing some RAFM Enforcer Drones... the first models to arrive for my upcoming "Zero-One/Skynet" robot army in 15mm.  The infantry is coming from  I looked at a bunch of stuff for heavy support options but the HK-tank style "tracked torsos" didn't appeal.  The RAFM models looked cool and were the right size to fit.

I based the model on a large Flames of War base.  Decal is from the decal folder in my drawer (origin unknown!)

Stay tuned for the 15mm automaton army which (hopefully) will arrive soon!


Ben Lee said...

Have you checked out these robots by thescene?

Nice looking paintwork, looking forward to seeing more!

Dallas said...

Thanks Spacejacker - I was just looking at your blog earlier - outstanding stuff! The robots from The Scene look really cool as well.