Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Miniature Wargames" Magazine Free Download

Miniature Wargames magazine never really appealed to me particularly.  It always seemed that the production, design and standard of miniatures were that little bit less slick and professional than its main competitor, Wargames Illustrated.  I've been a fan of WI off and on over the years (had some pieces published in it years ago too, for which I was never paid) but only pick up the odd issue.  The recent price drop from @$13 to $8.50 was welcome, though, and I think that the new ownership has revitalized the magazine significantly.

But this post isn't about WI, it's about MW, and a free download offer they are running.  Click here to go to a free download page where you can access two trial copies of the mag.  I'm going to check it out as well and see if my old prejudices are still founded.  If you do have a comment to make on the magazines please leave it below.

Cheers to Sarah of MW for the offer!

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