Thursday, November 4, 2010

Someone call about bugs?

Tonight my 40k Imperial Guardsmen will face the might of Hive Fleet Nostromo. I have been looking through the Imperial Guard Codex, which is full of new vehicles, and I figure that a bug problem calls for some fumigation. So over the weekend I assembled and painted one of the new GW 40k Hellhound kits. I built it as the "Banewolf" variant - basically it pukes out poison gas. How very "Imperium".

Full marks to GW on the new kit. Lots of options, and it goes together smoothly compared to the previous Chimera-type kits. Fellow Conscripts know of I my short fuse when it comes to building models (and threepio, and Sony, and dwarves, etc. etc.). The Chimera, an important vehicle chassis for the Imperial Guard collection, was always a major pain in the arse to assemble, especially the tracks, so I always hated doing them. These new kits are much more idiot proof (i.e. Greg compliant) and a breeze to put together, so watch for some heavy mechanization going forward!

We all know what happens to new models - this tank will probably be toast by the first or second turn. But hopefully this sucker will get a chance to spew malathion on some genestealers or something before the Carnifexes rip it to pieces.

See you tonight!


Dallas said...

uh-oh, I've got a bad feeling about that...

Curt said...

Dallas, you need some Wolseley themed genestealers in your force. They can be converted to wearing board shorts, sporting dreads, wearing big-ass sunglasses and perhaps mix the matte finish with patchouli. They can then set up early, protest the deployment of the tank, and demand it stay 48" away from anything biological - you know, for the sake of the 'nids, er, kids.