Monday, October 25, 2010

Where do You Like to do Your Thang?

Being incurably snoopy I've always been fascinated to discover how others pursue their hobby, namely seeing what they do for their painting/modeling areas. Over the years I've worked in the whole gambit of locations: kitchen tables, coffee tables, a corner of the bedroom, my own games room (on Fawcett) and in a hulking Ikea armoire.

So, Conscripts, where do you do your hobby thang? Send in a photo. Describe your geek-lair. I remember going to Kev's place years ago and marveling at his setup. He had yards of wondrous figures/models spread all over the place in his rumpus room, and in amongst that he worked in what looked to be a 6 inch square 'clearing' on the rec room bar. That's where all the magic happened - very cool.

In our new 'old' house I have a room dedicated for my Napoleonic library, office, screening room and hobby space
(Hmm, I 'spose that's not too 'dedicated' is it? Whatever). The room has two decent-sized closets that both are wired so I thought I'd tuck my iMac and AV gear into one closet and use the other for my hobby space.

I purchased a suspended railing system from Rona that screws directly into the wall studs which can then accommodate heavy-duty shelving brackets. I then cut some fir-ply boards (thanks to Sylvain's circular saw), stained them, and added some trim to finish the shelves.

Its worked out pretty well. The small space forces me to be neater than usual and it has the added bonus of having doors to just close up when we need the room for other stuff. This way I get to leave my stuff 'out' yet still have use of the room if company comes or if Sarah wants to play a Halo deathmatch on the Xbox (as if).

I recently picked up a pair of OttLite's from Costco as I heard that they give a good light. They're actually pretty awesome and would highly recommend them if you see some on sale (they can be expensive). Of course none of this helps my glacial output but it does make it more comfortable!

Anyway, come on Conscrips, show us where you do your thang!


tim said...

I do it in the War Room!

Dave Garbe said...

This looks like the dream closet of a gamer's wife.. something they can close us off from the real world. That said, I'm lucky enough to have a gamer wife who doesn't mind my gaming lair.

Sylvain said...

Is this a ploy to distract us from the painting challenge so you can catch up? :-)

I like how your setting is both efficient and discreet.

DaveV said...

That's outstanding.

I have a corner of our library:

My area at work is Spartan by comparison:

Curt said...

Tim: I love plying games at your 'War Room'! I like that I can both play a game and snoop at what you've been working on at the same time.

Dave G: Actually, the closet idea was self-imposed to economize on space and force me to be less of a hobby-slob. To be clear, my wife Sarah is pretty darned supportive of the hobby, as most of the Conscrips can attest. Going so far as to cook Chicken Marengo for the boys when we played Napoleonics and Lamb Cuiscuis when we did Crete (plus countless games hosted at our place on Fawcett)!

Sylvain: Yes. I need all the help I can get. (Though I should have something to 'up' my numbers in the next few days.)

Dave V: I love the contrast of those two spaces! Mine is the exact opposite with my work space looking like and IED went off in the filing cabinet.

DaveV said...

Curt: Weirdly, my desk at work is now even more bare. I moved offices and all the text books and IT magazines are on a bookshelf.

BionicPerry said...

That's a nice looking painting station Curt! I tend to use the living room couch these days, with a tv table set up. Kinda annoying with the constatnt "set up set down" but there you have it. :)

Paul K. said...

After about 3 years of not painting a darn thing (for various reasons), I've finally worked up the steam to jump back in.

Spent the last week or so organizing my painting area:

...and I'm selling off a few things to make a bit *more* space (this stuff will wind up on ebay eventually):