Monday, October 18, 2010

One! One Figure! Mwahahahaa!

Well, we just got back from Portugal on the weekend and work now has me crawling back onto a plane heading east for the rest of the week. Jetlag whiplash here I come. Anyway, I wanted to get a start, however pathetic, on the Painting Challenge so I took advantage of my wacky sleep patterns and bashed out a command figure for my British Napoleonics. We'll call him Harry. Dallas, mark me down for 2 points, whoo hoo!


tim said...


Are you playing Blackpowder?

Curt said...

Hey Tim!

We're currently getting stuff painted for a game of BP (or Republic to Empire). Greg and I are hoping to try out a brigade-level scenario in the next month or so.

Greg B said...

Looking good dude - welcome home!

DaveV said...

Very nice work.